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When you look at the educational system in the UK today, there are five major constituents:-

1. Parents
2. Students
3. Teachers
4. Administrators
5. Government


Who is right in the middle – the teacher. They should be getting support from both sides, but more often its problems that they get. Verbal and sometimes physical abuse from parents and students – surveys conducted by NASUWT show that a teacher is abused ever 7 minutes – and criticism and recriminations from administrators and the government. Teachers are the “piggy in the middle”, but still manage to do a wonderful job in spite of everything which is thrown at them.

The “Yes, I Can” programme is here to help teachers equip our young people for success. It inspires and encourages students to learn how to create and design a successful life.

Just as teachers teach the ABC, we teach the ABC of success. The right Attitude plus the right Behaviour equals better Character. These are the fundamentals for success.

The programme is based on the Tree of Life Theory. Roots are our values system, the trunk is our character with branches of personal philosophy, attitude, self-image, relationships, goals, desires and work giving support for the fruit of the life we wish to create for ourselves.

Whether you have the “Yes, I Can” programme in your school or not, you should not miss an opportunity which could change your life as an educator, as a parent, and as an individual.

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