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School Topics

The purpose of Roy’s one hour-one day talks, seminars and workshops is to equip our young people for success. It can also help to give teachers, students and parents ideas on how to have a better future, and face that future with enthusiasm and hope, creating a better climate in which to live, learn and work.

Everybody wins.


1. Yes, I can create and design the life I want – don’t finish up with the one you get
Created to inspire and encourage students to be all they can be and to develop a plan of action to achieve the results they want.

2. The Daily Balancing Act
How to develop a positive attitude. This presentation addresses time management and shows that what we do day by day produces the big results.

3. The Key to True Success and Happiness
True success and happiness is not guaranteed, but it is more likely if you have a plan to follow. Roy will help you work out what type of life you want, make a plan, and then work the plan to achieve it.

4. Getting Along with Others
How to develop good relationship skills, one of the biggest influences on how our life turns out.



Roy presented the topic very enthusiastically. The students left the presentation “buzzing”. They thought Roy was very enthusiastic – as did I. He engaged all the students and the staff.

I thoroughly enjoyed his presentation and left it considering my goals and what I wanted to achieve.

Comments from S.C, Head of PE & Key Stage 4 Manager, April 2004

Roy Savery has to be one of the most enthusiastic people we have ever met. He was very lively and passionate about what he believed in.

His objective was to give us a new perception on life, which he succeeded in totally. Teaching if we wanted to get somewhere, we can’t always follow the current.

Pupil, April 2004

He taught us about having the correct attitude at work, and told us about his past experiences to help it stick in our mind.

He was very enthusiastic, which made this session the most enjoyable and interesting out of the three.

Pupil, April 2004

Roy’s presentation was very informative and he gave us a lot of useful and wise words. He was very enthusiastic and energetic, and it was clear to all of us that he wanted us to be positive. Overall, I think he was very good.

Pupil, April 2004


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