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Roy Savery is truly unique. He is making a difference in schools in homes and places of work.

Roy delivers a message Yes, You Can Create and Design a Successful Life by developing successful living skills which includes a strong value system of honesty, integrity, loyalty, trust, faithfulness and love contributing greatly to our character.

We need to show respect for authority, property, self and others and be responsible for our actions.  Young people need to know and learn the ABC’s of life, Attitude, Behaviour and Character through which success comes.

Roy teaches young people that they can create the life they want and not finish up with the one they get, because it is not worth waiting for the one you get. Become a person of Character. 

Roy teaches that you can become very excited about life by developing a life with a mission and a purpose. Roy is influencing people.  His message needs to be heard.

People’s comments:

“Your talk and message changed my life”.

“You have had a terrific influence on my family and me”.

“When I was introduced to you by JR many years ago you helped me to develop a plan for my life: a structure. Every year it has got better and better, and I am making more profits. Thanks”.

“When you spoke to us at my school you inspired me with your presentation ‘Be, Do, Have’ and made me think very much about my future and how I can develop it”.

Call Roy Savery on 01959 577745, e-mail 
or write: Fairwinds House, Goatsfield Road, Tatsfield, Westerham, Kent, TN16 2BU

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