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Roy Savery – Yes, I Can

Roy’s wide experience in sales and as a business owner, his work in schools and with understanding industry and business dynamics, author, entrepreneur and motivational speaker qualifies him to help people of all ages face life’s challenges with courage, confidence and hope.

He has helped many people worldwide create and design successful lives which includes being happy, healthy, prosperous, have security, friends, good relationships, freedom, fulfilment, contentment, peace of mind and hope.

Are these not the dreams and ambitions we all want?  Don't we also want these same dreams and ambitions for our young people?  Call or email for more information on How to Create and Design a Successful Life.

Roy is married, has one married son, and lives in a village on the Kent/Surrey borders.

Roy believes in keeping fit and experiencing excellent health with plenty of energy and vitality by looking after the bodies which God has given us with a sensible exercise and nutrition programme, and keeping our minds fit with the “Yes, I Can” attitude.

For more information call Roy on 01959 577745 or e-mail 

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